Everything You Need

To get started with LearnDash

At Uncanny Owl, we get a lot of requests for help setting up LearnDash. And now that we’ve done a lot of LearnDash work, we’ve come to realize just how much each site has in common. Unfortunately, a lot of those common elements take a really long time to get working correctly on every site. Rather than spend a lot of time doing custom work for every client when everyone needs the same basics, we can start with a preconfigured platform that drastically reduces the initial effort. A lot of customization is still required for every client, but it means we can pass on project savings of as much as 50%. This demo site is an example of the standardized platform we use as a foundation for clients who need an entirely new website. Take a look around and see if this website meets most of your needs. If this seems like a good starting point, let’s talk about how to use it in your project!

Sign In to the Demo

Use “demo”/”demo” to sign in as a learner. You’ll have access to demo courses with a lot of sample lessons to get a feel for the learner experience.

What’s Included?

Everything On This Site
  • Sample website pages

  • Course placeholders

  • Lesson templates

  • Quiz examples

  • Everything you need for self-directed and facilitated training

Core Functionality
  • 25+ plugins working in harmony, all tested for compatibility and collectively delivering a great user experience

  • Our custom LearnDash dashboard, sidebar and quiz widget

  • Optional add-ons to create the perfect solution, including ecommerce, LRS reporting and maintenance

Basic Customization
  • Your branding

  • Your company name

  • Your accounts

  • Your infrastructure

  • Your content

Personal Guidance
  • A 2-hour webinar for system training

  • 1-to-1 collaboration throughout the customization process

  • Guides and feedback to cut the learning curve and build your confidence

  • Discounted ongoing support

Try It Out

Spend some time exploring the site. Where does it meet your platform needs? Where does it fall short? As you explore, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. This is not reflective of a standard LearnDash install; if you’re just looking for a LearnDash demo, this isn’t representative of what you’ll see out of the box. What’s on this site has been customized based on what we’ve found is most effective for our clients and their learners. That doesn’t mean the site is hard to use; our platforms are created for people that don’t want to spend weeks learning new technology, and we include guidance to make things as easy as possible. Most importantly, we’re only an email or a call away once you’re a client. If you have questions or want to find out more, we encourage you to find out more or send us your questions using the form on the right.


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